3 Beautiful Waterfalls In New Mexico

Waterfalls In New Mexico

Hiking in New Mexico has some of the most unique and splendid natural sights. One of those natural sights is the beautiful waterfalls in New Mexico. You come by them when you hike on the best trails in New Mexico. You can start your New Mexico exploration of the wilderness by booking directly with M Vacation Properties & Resorts. Here are some hiking trails in New Mexico that you should seek out for waterfalls when staying with us. 

Williams Lake Trail

This is a popular trail near Taos Ski Valley. The path to get near the waterfall is about two miles long. The waterfall is small, but it’s well-shaded and makes for a beautiful place to plan a picnic.

The Rio Quemado Trail

The Rio Quemado Trail is a rugged trail to navigate. However, the challenge is worth it. The trail is overgrown in areas, and you must cross some small streams. Going off-trail to find the Quemado Falls near the trail’s end would be best. It’s one of the most beautiful waterfalls you will find. The whole journey is about 20 miles in and out.

El Salto del Agua Cave

We recommend the El Salto del Agua Cave for those looking for something more unique. The cave and the waterfall are easy to transverse and find. While seeing a cave waterfall is exceptional, you need to know that El Salto del Agua Cave is on private property. You and your guests can visit. Still, everyone must pay the El Salto Association’s entrance fee and sign a liability waiver.

Take Time To Appreciate The Sights

Try hiking these amazing trails to get to the waterfalls in New Mexico. The journey is half of the experience. M Vacation Properties & Resorts can help care for everything off the trails. M Vacations Properties & Resorts can handle your accommodation needs. We have different vacation rentals, so you can choose any that suits your fancy, from ski-view condos to valley condos. For more information, contact us at 800-453-3498, and please check our availability online.