Find The Best Red River Park For A Family Picnic

A family enjoying a Red River Park.

Red River, NM, is home to some beautiful locations to lay out for a family picnic while you are on vacation this summer. There are plenty of areas and parks in Red River, NM, for your family to enjoy. In addition, there are also some spacious vacation rentals for families through M Vacation Properties and Resorts. Take some time away from your vacation rental to plan a picnic and marvel at the Red River, NM, scenery in a park.

Eagle Nest Lake State Park

This park is located about 20 minutes east of Red River and is a beautiful spot with a lake too. The lake is your best bet for a memorable picnic. The lake is also ideal for boating and fishing. There are also some ideal spots to cool down and enjoy your picnic. Eagles Nest Lake State Park is an excellent place for wildlife viewing too. So bring your binoculars for your hike following the family picnic.

Carson National Forest

This sizable national forest gives you and your family plenty of places to sit and enjoy a picnic. There are several designated picnic areas throughout the forest. This is one of the best places for a picnic if the weather gets too hot. Temperatures stay relatively cool to enjoy your picnic and the mountain scenery.

Cimarron Canyon State Park

Cimarron Canyon State Park has some beautiful canyon views giving it a unique place to stage your family picnic. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to picnic in the shade in the wooded area. There are plenty of hiking and equestrian trails for your family to take advantage of after your picnic.

Bring The Family Together

Whatever park you choose in Red River, NM, we know it will create perfect memories. We know that your vacation rental with M Vacation Properties and Resorts will also forge great memories. M Vacations Properties & Resorts can handle your accommodation needs. We have different vacation rentals, so you can choose any that suits your fancy, from ski-view condos to valley condos. For more information, contact us at 800-453-3498, and please check our availability online.