More Marketing

M Vacation Properties and Resorts is proud to announce we have partnered with TravelNet Solutions, Rokethouse Productions and The Nascent Group! More is now powered by a six-figure marketing budget along with our new website and booking engine, local in house social media, photography and creative designers this team has been assembled and challenged to bring reservations and sales numbers to new heights.

ROKETHOUSE is the production company of British documentary filmmaker William Westaway. With clients such as Pepsi, Francis Ford Coppola, and a handful of F1 racing teams – along with a string of successful independent projects – ROKETHOUSE is truly a premium boutique film production company. The three simple ingredients that have been key to the success of the company are; simple storytelling, cinematic style and always maintaining an astronomical level of commitment and conscientiousness. The business has gone from strength to strength since 2006 as happy customers resulted in repeat orders. ROKETHOUSE are personable, go the extra mile, and most importantly – want their customers to be proud of their video content.

William Westaway is a multi-award-winning filmmaker. He has been making films since his sister left an old 8mm video camera lying around the house when he was eight years old. William has over fifteen years of filmmaking experience and has been nominated for a string of corporate awards. He has independently built relationships with several high-profile companies and many smaller ones. He also partners with some of the top marketing agencies in the UK.

In his free time, William directs his own creative projects. His most recent achievement is a feature-length documentary (The Writer with No Hands) which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. It went on to win ‘Best Documentary’ at festivals in the USA, Iran, Italy, and Austria. He is currently working on a feature documentary about the untold 2010 Djedi robot mission into the Great Pyramid of Giza.

William recruits crew on a job-by-job basis from a pool of creative and technical talent in the south of England. In 2015 he changed the name of his company (from Westaway Film) and ROKETHOUSE was born.

The M Vacation Properties and Resorts Staff

M Vacation Properties and Resorts has qualified on-site staff! Our staff has the experience and know-how to create all brochures, magazine ads, social media, blogs, event coordination, photographs, and Matterport 3D videos for each home. We have the equipment and knowledge to provide all the necessary elements to enhance our nationwide marketing plan. Our target market is Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Southern Colorado, and New Mexico. M Vacation Properties and Resorts utilize the following publications to drive bookings and market potential guests: Ski New Mexico, Enchanted Homes, and Discover Taos.

We will also be at the Dallas Ski Expo and several similar events in the Colorado Springs area. We also create summer and winter brochures that are mailed to our previous guests letting them know of our new services and local events. By the end of 2020 M Vacation Resorts and our real estate partner, Swan Realty will have our own Real Estate publication and market analysis report both in paper and internet-based! The paper version will be put in each of the M vacation properties that we manage.