Restaurants & Eateries In Red River

A list of all the restaurants and eateries located in Red River for easier meal planning!

Sundance Restaurant

Best Mexican Food in town since 1974! Locally owned and operated. Sundance is known for their fabulous stuffed sopapillas, Chile Rellenos and Chicken Breast Roll-ups. Meals come with complimentary home-made Chips, Salsa and Sopapillas. Open for Dinner beginning at 5:00 P.M.
Location: 401 E. High St. Red River, NM 87558
Phone: (575) 754-2971
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Shot Gun Willie`s Cafe

Looking for a good breakfast and lunch spot? Shot Gun`s is amazing!!! Great food at low prices… Offering Traditional egg breakfasts, breakfast burritos, burgers, wraps, salads, sandwiches and lots more! Open for
Location: 403 W. Main St. Red River, NM 87558
Phone: (575) 754-6505
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Brett`s Bistro

Luxurious food at its finest!!! Chef Brett Lewis brings his many years of fine culinary experience to the table by serving a wide variety of dishes from Fettucini La Fiesta to the Grand Seafood Platter. Open for Lunch and Dinner
Location: 201 W. Main St. Red River, NM 87558
Phone: (575) 754-9959
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Bull O` the Woods Saloon

Offering great chicken wings, hamburgers, sandwiches, Bull O` the Woods is a superb spot to hang and eat while enjoying a drink.
Location: 401 E. Main St. Red River, NM 87558
Phone: (575) 754-2593
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Capo`s Corner Restaurant

A great place to sit out on the deck and listen to the water rush over the rocks below or watch skiers fly down the face of the mountain. This restaurant offers a large variety of Italian food from Pizza to Lasagna to Manicotti and Alfredo. Capo`s does also serve Beer and Wine. Open for
Location: 110 Pioneer Road Red River, NM 87558
Phone: (575) 754-6297
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Dairy Bar

Your all American Diner!!! Chili cheese fries, hamburgers, soft ice cream and sundaes! A fun filled environment that the whole family will enjoy…
Location: 417 E. Main St. Red River, NM 87558
Phone: (575) 754-9969
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Lift House Bar & Grill

Slide into the Lift House Bar & Grill and grab a bite! Menu ranges from Buffalo wings, salads to sandwiches, With a view that can`t be topped and food that can`t be beat this is the perfect local hang out for all ages looking for a good meal!!! Open for Lunch and Dinner 11:00-9:00 P.M.
Location: 200 Pioneer Road Red River, NM 87558
Phone: (575) 754-2976
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Olde Tymer`s Cafe

An All American restaurant with great breakfasts and lunches offering pancakes, eggs, bacon and chicken fried steak!!!
Location: 210 E. Main St. Red River, NM 87558
Phone: 575-754-2951
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T` Bucks Hole Thing

Home made doughnuts and wonderful breakfasts!!!
Location: 601 W. Main St. Red River, NM 87558
Phone: 575-754-2342
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The Lodge & Texas Reds Steak House

Red River`s most well known steak house! Offering sizzling steaks right off the grill and the family fun environment of peanut shelling onto the floor.
Location: 400 E. Main St. Red River, NM 87558
Phone: 575-754-6280/575-754-2922
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The Tip Restaurant

Red River`s ONLY restaurant on the top of a mountain! Located at the top of the ski area this establishment serves fantastic burgers and fries!
Location: 400 Pioneer Rd. Red River, NM 87558
Phone: 575-754-2223 ext. 232
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Yesterday`s Diner

Yesterday`s Diner menu is both fun and festive in the form of the Oldies and Classics of Love Lucy, Betty Boop, Elvis and much more!
Location: 612 W. Main St. Red River, NM 87558
Phone: 575-754-6233
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Red River Brewing Company

Red River Brewing Company features great food, beer, and local entertainment!
Location: 217 W Main St, Red River, NM 87558
Phone: 575-754-4422
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