Blü Dragonfly Tap Room

Blü Dragonfly Brewing Co, situated at the Raton, New Mexico airport complex with an additional tap room in Cimarron and now Red River, distinguishes itself in the expansive landscape of breweries and craft beers by virtue of its commitment to innovation and unique approach. The brewery takes pride in exploring uncharted territories within the craft beer domain. Renowned for its dedication to experimentation, Blü Dragonfly Brewing delves into diverse hop combinations, resulting in the meticulous creation of refreshing and unique beers. The brewery’s portfolio spans a broad spectrum, encompassing quintessential English pub classics such as stouts and porters, as well as early Colonial-style beers. Blü Dragonfly Brewing Co not only preserves ancestral recipes brought from the old country but also integrates and adapts New Mexico traditions into their offerings. The brewery’s diverse range of beers includes notable creations like the Biscochito Stout, Rojo Rojo Rojo (Red River Red Chile Red Ale), and Hatch Chile Amber. Through a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, Blü Dragonfly Brewing stands out as a distinguished player in the ever-evolving craft beer landscape.